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You might have heard of press releases as a way of getting targeted traffic. But you're also likely to have heard that it is very daunting, with precise parameters and very difficult for the beginner to get published. Those lies are put out by the savvy folks quietly sucking in mega amounts of traffic and wanting to keep it to themselves!

Here's the truth: getting tons of highly targeted traffic from all over the planet by simply issuing a simple few hundred words in the form of a press release is a piece cake - provided you know exactly what to do. It's said that 'Knowledge is Power' and so it is with successful press releases. And, to give you the knowledge and the power to create a torrent of traffic on demand - whenever you want, I've created this brand new report: 'Press Release POWER'. And there's absolutely no charge for it - all you have to do is ask...

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  • How the internet has transformed the simple press release into a vibrant vehicle for massive world-wide publicity at the click of a mouse.
  • How the internet empowers a mom and pop store to compete with General Motors (and the simple secret of actually getting more publicity for your business than a Fortune 500 company).
  • What every successful business needs - and how you can achieve it through press releases.
  • The five key advantages press releases give your business (and it even helps with your SEO).
  • How every business can be newsworthy - and the six most newsworthy areas to get your creative juices flowing.
  • The myth of expensive press releases (and the real truth about how much it really costs).
  • Why press releases can be one of the most effective and fun ways of getting a boatload of free traffic - and why it's vital you know the right way to do it.
  • And much more...
Press Release POWER
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